Rain on Monday is constantly finding ways to explore and combine his singer/songwriter abilities with retro-futuristic elements to create unique and powerful songs that evoke an immediate emotional response. The juxtaposition of Raimond’s husky defeated voice with carefully orchestrated music creates a lush and expressive soundscape that elevates Rain on Monday above the myriad of singer/songwriters today.

Raimond Dagfjäll began writing the songs that would embody Rain on Monday in his hometown of Kiruna, a small Swedish mining town above the Arctic Circle. After Raimond moved to Uppsala he released the 3-track EP Fever Dream in 2018. Rain on Monday hasn’t gone unnoticed and the Music blog Where the Music Meets called the song Kill My Love, “…one of those debuts that stuck in our heads and creates a whole lot of expectations for the ones to follow”.

With the single When She is Here has Rain on Monday gone back to a more stripped-down acoustic sound with a goal to keep a naked and honest vibe to capture the listener’s interest. Rain on Monday has continued the journey with a stripped-down style by releasing his acoustic cover of the classic song Don't Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin (Release date June 14th).

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