"Nurmilampi’s husky defeated voice is the other highlight of this song. He sounds like he’s washed down a handful of Xanax with a plastic bottle of cheap bourbon and the vibe works. I believe him when he sings the words, “Can you kill my love if I can’t be with you?” -FOR THE LOVE OF BANDS

"Fueled with arpeggiated guitar over indie rock bassline, Rain On Monday’s “Kill My Love” explores the extreme highs of love where your feelings for someone surpass death." -AUPIUM

"Kill My Love is the kind of debut that makes one completely obsessed about a new musician."


"What better way to balance self-flagellating lyrics than with a sunny synth hook? It worked in the 80s, and it works today for Rain on Monday, the project of Swedish pop artist Raimond Nurmilampi. His debut single, “Kill My Love,” juxtaposes its lyrics and music skillfully, resulting in a perfect summer earworm in spite of its darker fantasizing."


"Around the same time when I learned my first chord on the guitar, I immediately started to write my own songs and recorded them with my cassette tape recorder. That’s how it all started, I still have all the old cassettes stored in a box at my parents house."


"Raimond's gift for writing a catchy melody paired with heartfelt lyrics is topnotch.  His voice is incredibly awesome too! I absolutely love ROM's sound!" -POSEMANIKIN

"A friend of mine once said that my music calmed down a stressed dog that she took care of." -AMNPLIFY

"It is if you go back to the older times in music century, only they have made a modern song from it. What I love about the vocal of this singer is, it is very mature and he has a hoarseness while singing and can sing very pure. All together with the melodies and production is this a song which can be a potential for much pop music and normal radio stations, music lovers and related music networks."


"A modern-day singer-songwriter with a distinct voice coming at you, personal and direct, but yet so harmonic thanks to the warm, electronic back beats! "


“Kill My Love” has a retro 70s influenced vibe with the addition of 80s synth. The result is an upbeat and chilled out tone which also includes serious lyrical content about a certain relationship.


"A giant jar of honey pouring down the side of an old gray factory. "


"I really like the way that Rain on Monday (and producer Thomas Harsem) have layered a song together that feels both like a bit of modern indie pop rock, yet balanced in with a real feeling of an 1980s/early 90s Euro...near-shoegaze vibe that suits the vocals perfectly."


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